Easy Way Out


Director: Jeffery T. Schultz Country of origin: USA Runtime: 17m Genre: Drama Screening: 02.03.19  BLOCK H: LETTING GO  Time: 1.45-3.15PM

Martin (John Savage) and Kaitlin (Kate Connor) play out their relationship endgame in the re-imagined turn-of-the-century loft they once called home.  Director, Jeffery Schultz’s adaptation of the play ‘For Old Time’s Sake’ by David MacGregor takes the premise of the play further, by switching the gender roles of the lead characters. It asks several pertinent questions. Why do arguments made by women resonate broadly, while similar male positions are often dismissed? How are roles in relationships being redefined today? What prejudices do we carry into our relationships – is the pain that accompanies honesty worth it?

The Filmmaker

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Jeffrey T. Schultz is a respected fine art photographer, sculptor and filmmaker. He has produced over ten films, seven of them as writer and director. His first film, “Bare Witness” won awards in directing, cinematography, editing and production design. Other notable awards were best cinematographer for “Cupcake Bandits” and “The Cabining”. His latest film “Easy Way Out” won Best Short film at the Marbella International Film Festival, continuing his consistency in receiving critical recognition and honors for his work.


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