Director: Ronen Eldar Country of origin: UK Runtime: 11m Genre: Documentary Screening: 01.03.19 Block A: EXPERIMENTAL REFLECTIONS Time: 12-1.30PM

Musin’ is an experimental documentary about Tettey Mansuro, an East London artist. It’s a musing about his process, life, and the thin line he walks along towards the edge of madness.

The Filmmaker

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Ronen Eldar is a French/Israeli writer & director with a background in English literature and creative writing. He studied Filmmaking at the London Film School and has produced work that has been selected and screened in places such as Tokyo, San Francisco, London, and Edinburgh. In the pursuit of capturing candid, honest, and raw moments, Ronen uses a Cinéma Vérité approach to document individuals and groups that fascinate and inspire. Shadowing them in their element, joining their journey, and observing their interaction with others and spaces, creates the opportunity for more genuine interactions, while widening the lens on how they function.


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