Director: Shayna Connelly Country of origin: USA Runtime: 14m Genre: Horror Screening: 01.03.19 Block A: EXPERIMENTAL REFLECTIONS Time: 12-1.30PM

Suzanne’s grief transcends the boundaries of the natural world and arouses a primordial being. She courts this ghost, using intellect and desire to forge a union between them. Quiver melds horror and passion with Virginia Woolf’s idea of a woman requiring a ‘room of her own’ in which to uncover her true identity. Can Suzanne force a rift into the supernatural realm to build a space where she can coexist with what haunts her?

The Filmmaker

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Shayna Connelly is a filmmaker based in Chicago whose work explores hauntings, liminality and the boundaries between documentary, experimental and fiction filmmaking. Inspired by a book on haunted houses shelved in the non-fiction section of her childhood library, Connelly’s lifelong obsession with ghosts led her to explore trauma, place, identity and the link between fear and desire. Her hybrid approach to cinema questions the strict categorization of film modes and genres. She enjoys breaking cinematic rules regarding character, action and structure while exploring subjectivity, surrealism and abstraction. Her films have won awards at Big Muddy Film Festival, Berlin Short Film Festival, Cinepocalypse, Milwaukee Women’s Film Festival, Columbus International and IC Docs. QUIVER is the 6th film in an eight film series called A MEMORY PALACE FOR GHOSTS. Films in the series have screened over 100 festivals worldwide.


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