The Remembered


Director: Roxana Vilk County of origin: UK Runtime: 5m Genre: Music Video, Experimental Screening: 02.03.19 Block G: RE-FRAMING THE PAST Time: 12-1.30PM

The Remembered is a dance / film shot in Scotland, and directed by award winning British/Iranian Director, Artist and musician Roxana Vilk. Roxana came across a ‘Witches Stone’ at the side of the road outside Dunbar in Scotland. It marked the spot where last woman accused of being witch in Scotland was burnt. The idea of the film came from wanting to create an artistic ‘living’ memorial to the many women killed for being so called ‘witches’ when often they had done nothing wrong other than to be herbalists, healers and midwives. The dance/film features Dutch dancer/choreographer Dido Knoben and Australian dancer/choreographer Skye Reynolds as well as musician and sound designer Peter Vilk. Website

The Filmmaker

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Roxana Vilk is an award winning multi-disciplinary British/Iranian artist, working in music, film, TV and live performance. Her work often explores the themes of human rights, cultural identity and migration. She has been commissioned to create work for for MTV, BBC, AL Jazeera, Amnesty International, the British Council and many others, and won several prestigious awards for her work. Most recently, this included the 2nd Prix Du Jury prize at Cannes Film Festival and the Best Artist Award at the New Renaissance Film Festival, London.


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