Director: Hhybrydd Country of Origin: France, Italy Runtime: 3m Genre: Experimental Block: H Date: 29-02 Time: 12-1.05pm + Q&A

Engaged in a backward journey into a past where the border between fiction and reality is almost impossible to discern, HHybrydd plunges into the amniotic liquid of his origins. An opportunity to question the construction of identity, including genre. Director Hhybrydd will attend the screening.

Director Biography

HHYBRYDD is the digital persona of Marcello Scuderi whose poetical work is a crossover of genres and video art. With his company Noved Land, Marcello has been directing and acting mainly great Italian classics adapted for a contemporary audience. He is inspired by landscapes, nature and people. Both as actor and a director, in his films Hhybrydd often captures the primordial state as well as the fantastic.