Born In Gambia


Director: Natxo Leuza Fernandez Country of Origin: Spain Runtime: 27m Genre: Documentary Block: B Date: 28-02 Time: 1.30-2.45pm Watch Trailer

Hassan is a child who lives on the street. His brother was accused of witchcraft and burned alive in front of him. His stepfather tells him he is possessed by the devil, so he runs away to avoid being killed. Hassan always has a tape recorder with which he record the events of his life, that of other children and of his beautiful country which is anchored in danger.

Director Biography

Natxo Leuza works as a filmmaker, screenwriter, editor and post-production. He has a long career in the documentary world, working in many projects in several countries of the world: Sierra Leone, Benin, Togo, Mauritania, Gambia, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, Qatar, Haiti, Germany … He is currently finishing his project Born in Gambia, and directing the musical feature of Enrique Villareal, “El Drogas”.