Director: Tobias Worrall, Isabella van Hoorn Country of Origin: UK Runtime: 19m Genre: Short Block: K 29.02 Time: 4.30-5.50pm

On the verge of losing hope of ever returning home, a young heartbroken girl finds an unorthodox way to make an income; but when she finds out her father is about to go flat-broke she must make ends meet before their fate is sealed in the city.

Director Biography

Tobias Worrall, Isabelle van Hoorn are a filmmaking couple from England (Liverpool) and Holland (Amsterdam). They met 13 years ago backpacking in Cambodia have since travelled the world ever since. A few years ago they moved to California to study filmmaking (Tobias) and physics (Isabelle), and they have made award-winning films together. “Chumbak” took them to the extremes of filmmaking – a self-funded film shot in India.