Director: Bai Ruixuan Country of Origin: China Runtime: 21m Genre: Short Block: i 29.02 Time: 1.20-2.45 pm + Q&A Premiere: Dutch Watch Trailer

A young couple and a gypsy woman travel at the back of a pick-up truck to an unknown destination. They encounter a mute girl in the middle of nowhere and take her with them. The seemingly random group embarks on a mysterious, surreal journey which leads to the salvation for each one of them. It’s a story about revenge, sacrifice and redemption, with a surreal twist. Director Bai Ruixuan will attend the screening.

Director Biography

Bai Ruixuan has written, directed and produced many short films, music videos and commercials, such as Cocoon, Acousma, Orbit, Grind and etc. He also worked as an Assistant Director on major Hollywood productions and Independent films, such as The Great Wall, Pacific Rims, and Wished. Through his professional filming career, he has been working with legendary filmmakers such as Zhang Yimou (Director of Hero); P.J Voeten (Producer of Mad Max: Fury Road); Kwame Parker (Producer of Green Book); E. Bennett Walsh (Producer of Kill Bill); and Dan Mindel (Cinematographer of Star Wars). He splits his time working and living in China, Australia, and The U.S. Through Cocoon, Bai hopes audiences can embrace their life struggles and find inner peace in their own quest for existential contemplation.