Documentaries [A]

  • Destination Sobibór

DESTINATION SOBIBOR (NL, 57 min) – directed by Raymond Grimbergen

Destination Sobibór: When a search in the past becomes a search to yourself – a documentary roadmovie

Destination Sobibór is a film that shows how 75 years later the Second World War still has an impact, even on the lives of young people. Like the life of 39-year-old Hein from Amsterdam, whose entire family – except for his mother – was murdered in the camp. He travels by train via Westerbork, Berlin and Warsaw to that lurid place in eastern Poland.

HISTOIRE D’UNE LARME – (IT, 75 min) – directed by Giovanni Coda

Based on the book “Ocean Terminal” by Piergiorgio Welby.

“When a terminally ill patient decides to give up his affections, his memories, his friendships, his life and asks to put an end to his cruelly ‘biological’ survival, I believe that his will must be respected and embraced with the pietas that constitutes the strength and coherence of secular thought.”

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