Dutch Shorts

  • Heavy Hands

HEAVY HANDS (19m) – directed by Manoach Beeftink

A friendship between two boxers is tested when one of them falls for a male dancer.edge until only an irrevocable deed can establish some sort of new order.

CONTRACEPTION IS NOT FOR PUSSIES (23m) – directed by  Lynn Deen

Isn’t it about time that men take charge of their own fertility? In this short, fragmental documentary we’ll accompany young men, confronted with their own reproductive responsibilities and the male-female relations that define our current day society.

SEEING IN THE DARK (26m) – directed by Juliëtte Dominicus

What if you lose sight, how do you experience the world around you? Seeing in the dark examines the sensory experience of being blind, with a focus on being blind as a strength: how you can perceive more as a blind person and how the other senses become even more important when your sight is lost.

ALL THAT COULD BE (18m) – directed by Sam van Zoest

An introverted millennial goes on vacation with his sister’s artist group where he is challenged to push his boundaries

HOME (13m) – directed by Guust Mulder

A black comedy about Dirk, a man who lives with his dog and buys gadgets to fill up his boring single life. On a typical Thursday evening, he finds out that the relationship of trust with his AI device, named Atlas, is not as reliable as he thought. 

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