Dutch Shorts

  • To Catch A Fly

Films will stream online from 25th to 28th March 2021 only. Click the VIMEO ON DEMAND link to access the block. Please ensure you have an up-to-date browser for streaming. See here for more information about using Vimeo. Content may be unsuitable for children under 15 years of age.

TO CATCH A FLY (20m). Dir – Sanne Kortooms. Trailer

A retiring gun for hire gets assigned the job of guarding a young, feisty Hungarian beauty in a remote cottage somewhere in the French Ardennes. Heat, stench and boredom push their relationship to the edge until only an irrevocable deed can establish some sort of new order.

SHARP (30m). Dir – Sander Ligthart. Trailer

One day, 11-year-old Vince pulls a knife and threatens his classmates and teacher. To discover the reason why, the actors of the film enter conversation with the people behind the stories on which the script is based. They discover at first hand that nothing is what it seems.

LANA KAISER (13m). Dir – Philipp Gufler.

In 2002, Lana Kaiser appeared on the first season of Germany’s Pop Idol. At only 17 years old she polarised the audience with her androgynous appearance and bisexuality. On September 9th 2018, Lana disappeared from a cruise ship on her way to North America. Philipp Gufler’s short film is a personal portrait of the singer and entertainer.

THE WATER MAY RISE (12m). Dir – Sven Peetoom & Chris de Krijger. Trailer

The story of Jan and Marie in their flight from the infamous flood water of 1944 (De Slag om de Schelde). On a boat in search of dry land, their relationship is put to the test.

I FOUND YOUR FILM (11m). Dir – Jelte van Lente & Hanne van der Velde

A short documentary that focuses on the extraordinary collection of found photography that Tijmen van Dijk, owner of the instagram account “ifoundyourfilm” has accumulated over the years.

#METOO (13m). Dir – Sophie Koster

In this short dance film, different characters go through the various phases of innocence, violence, and silence experienced by #METOO victims. This is a tribute to those women.

THE BUTCHER (12m). Dir – Caspar Muller. Trailer

A neglected 6-year-old called Daniel competes with his narcissistic mother to win the attention of her new fling Robert, in whom he sees a father figure. In daydreams it becomes apparent that there is no place for Daniel. Will Robert be able to live up to his newly assigned role? And what happens when Daniel becomes too intimate?

CYCLING TRIP (15m). Dir – Sven Peetoom. Website

Two friends embark on a cycling trip through the province of Friesland to restore their friendship, which has been fading ever since they’ve chosen different paths in life.