Eye for an Eye


Director: Caspar Muller Country of origin: The Netherlands Runtime: 4m Genre: Drama, Experimental Screening: 02.03.19 Block I: BENELUX SHORTS Time: 3.30-5PM

A drop-dead gorgeous girl gets aggressive when her attempts to get her boyfriend’s attention are in vain. When he hits back twice as hard, she unleashes the devil within her in an attempt to open up to him.

The Filmmaker

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Caspar Muller is a film director based in the The Netherlands known for his work on The Butcher (2016) and Eye for an Eye (2018). His latest film Narcissus Revisited, a psychosexual thriller co-produced with cinematographer Darius Shu, will be out in February 2019. Caspar has a solid background in acting and was trained at The Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts. He went on to independently write, direct and produce artistic short films, characteristic for their seductive and evocative style and surrealist touch. He is currently (2018) pursuing his master’s in film directing at Bournemouth Film School – Arts University Bournemouth (UK).