Horror & Suspense

  • Red River Road

PRINCESSES DO AS THEY PLEASE (FR, 33 min) – Directed by Quarxx

A poetic and nightmarish dive into the deranged mind of a psychotic little girl. Nina is 9 years old but isn’t like other little girls. Nina has two secrets… She has freed Tony the Monster who lives in the magical cave and she has just killed her parents…

SUNDAY ROAST (UK, 13 min) – directed by Lukas Steinmaier

The Wheldon family sure loves to celebrate their holy Sunday. As for the family tradition, the parents Frank and Molly are preparing a splendid roast chicken. But their daughter Laura knows all too well that this is just their way of settling their differences. As the food is served and the alcohol flows, the seemingly civilised lunch quickly descends into a downright war.

NEW FLESH FOR THE OLD CEREMONY (USA, 13 min) – directed by Elizabeth Rakhilkina

A lesbian reverie set amidst the backwoods of New England, New Flesh for the Old Ceremony explores the physicality of grief through a macabre fable about a woman whose wife is devoured by and then possesses their beloved pack of dogs.

RED RIVER ROAD (USA, 90 min) – directed by Paul Schuyler

A family of four isolating against a pandemic virus that spreads through the internet and robs you — often violently — of your ability to perceive reality, begins to unravel when they suspect one or all of them might be infected.

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