Director: Guillaume Versteeg Country of Origin: NL Runtime: 6m Genre: Dance, Experimental Block: j Date: 29-02 Time: 3-4.15pm + Q&A

ICON is about the creating of an image, an unattainable icon of perfection that is pursued in vain. Again and again we are confronted by this, as are the figures in this film. In the world that they created, they discover their imperfections and project this on the icon they designed themselves . They give her the shape they can not attain, a shape of this perfect image that can last only briefly. An endless practice in repetition, in increased expectations, in the self-imposed expectation of perfection that can never be fully achieved. Director Guillaume Versteeg will attend the screening.

Director Biography

Guillaume Versteeg is a director ,cinematographer and founder of G3b, a company that makes highly creative films with talented artists