If Nothing Is As It Seems


Director: Evan Hobers  Country of Origin: NL Runtime: 14m Genre: Documentary Block: D Date: 28-02 Time: 4.30-6pm + Q&A

Anne Chris lies awake at night, doubting. He doesn’t feel like he belongs in the body he was born with, but he’s not sure if transitioning is the solution to his problem. He’s afraid that after transitioning he still won’t feel like himself. We follow his tornado-like thoughts and experience the rollercoaster of emotions that he goes through. Director Evan Hobers will attend the screening.

Director Biography

Evan Hobers (1995) is a talented graduate from the University of the Arts Utrecht, currently working as a story writer and documentary director. With an eye for personal and complicated stories, he strives to tell them in a way everyone is able to understand. He is born and raised in the Netherlands.