International Shorts [D]

  • Geraldine

GERALDINE (USA, 10 min) – directed by Eduardo Lytton

After seeing a dog will itself across the road to survive after a car crash, goth teenager Geraldine has to answer the question for herself: Will she get up and fight to live or lay her head down and die?

YÉYÉ (SPAIN, 19 min) – directed by Roxanne Paisan

It’s 6:00 AM. Jérémy and Graziella go on a journey through the memories of a very important person to them: Yéyé.

MY COFFIN (POLAND, 22 min) – directed by Maciej Marczewski

“My Coffin” is a film loosely inspired by Emile Zola’s short story called “The Death of Olivier Becaille”.
Thomas wakes up one morning and realizes that he’s dead. 

AS SIMPLE AS THAT (BRASIL, 19 min) – directed by Luciana Bitencourt

Suspicious that her son is gay, Joana shares her doubts with her husband. To her surprise, the boy’s father knows much more about the subject than she imagined. After all, why was she the last to know?

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