International Shorts [C]

  • On the Couch with my Depression

ON THE COUCH WITH MY DEPRESSION (NZ, 6 min) – directed by Angharad Gladding

Full of excited anticipation, a poet plans to go to a book party. Then along comes depression. A film about yearning simply to be able to clean your teeth and leave the house.

NICE GIRL (USA, 4 min) – directed by Natalie Camou

Brimming with Wes-Anderson-meets-grocery-store irreverence, ‘Nice Girl’ stealthily follows a desperate woman battling to overcome inner and outer manifestations of patriarchy.

OTANASHI (GER, 10 min) – directed by Martin Gerigk

“Painted in silence, a sparrow’s dream invokes timeless harmonies. In the heart of the universal geometry, the seed

DASH (IRE, 15 min) – directed by Rory Fleck Byrne

A small town stable man struggles with his femininity amidst a rugged rural landscape. As his favourite horse is set to be euthanised at the end of the week he is forced to make a decision. Will he continue to live like this?

THE GOSSIP (UK, 13 min) – directed by Rolfin Nyhus

A young woman’s self-esteem shatters when her best friend launches into a tirade.

MORTEM (UK, 22 min) – directed by Ben Higginson

Mortem tells the story of James, a young man in the throes of deep depression.  decision. Will he continue to live like this?

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