International Shorts [A]

  • Slip Living

SLIP LIVING (UK, 5 min) – directed by Ashley Defoe

Shot during the global pandemic SLIP LIVING questions the internal world we create for ourselves in isolation vs the reality of life lived in lockdowns Artificial Void.

RECUERDO DE UNA TARDE EN LA AZOTEA (MEX, 9 min) – directed by Tavo Ruiz

This is the remembrance of the last time two best friends were together on an afternoon on the rooftop.

SEX, DEATH AND BEAUTY (USA, 9 min) – directed by Marcelina L Martin

Levey’s work has been shown extensively in New York, San Francisco and Santa Fe, as well as, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. A contemporary of Cindy Sherman and Francesca Woodman, Levey has been called “Frida Kahlo with a camera.”!

WHEN THE RAIN SETS IN (UK, 17 min) – directed by James Hughes

Kenzie and Treyden, a couple who’ve been swept up in a whirlwind six-month romance, find themselves confronting a painful question: Has their love story come to an end?

THE LITTLE SHAME (BE, 19 min) – directed by Zahra Benasri

Izza-belle, a young student, visits her classmate’s home for the first time and is amazed by the huge library in the living room. When he tells her that a house without a library is a house without culture, Izza becomes painfully aware that there is no library at her place. She does everything to hide the fact that she does not always have all the cultural references of a social class, she does not belong to. Thus, she projects the one she would like to be…

2020 (IT, 4 min) – directed by Heléna Antonio

‘2020 is the year in which everything seems to have stopped, however life always has different plans.’

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