International Shorts [B]

  • Shojon - Theorem

Films will stream online from 25th to 28th March 2021 only. Click the VIMEO ON DEMAND link above to access the block. Please ensure you have an up-to-date browser for streaming. See here for information about using Vimeo. Content may be unsuitable for children under 15 years of age.

SHOJON – THEOREM (4m). Dir – Craig Heathcote (UK)

This music video is set in the heart of an out of sync London, displaying relationship bonds and the variations of love that exist within each.

ALLAN ELLEN (39m). Dir – Juan Ros (Spain) Trailer

Allan and Ellen are living through a relationship crisis after many years together. Through their subconscious they travel together to a desert, in which they face their fears in order to recover the love they have lost.

A PORTRAIT (3m). Dir – Carlotta Beck Peccoz (UK)

Following a journey to Dungeness and Prospect Cottage, Christopher Hughes reminisces his life, his career and his friendship with Derek Jarman.

DERMIS (3m). Dir – Daniel Franklin (UK) Trailer

Dermis meditates on the connection between the human form and emotional processes, acting as visual discourse on how the performative value of clothing can shape an individual’s self-awareness; using themes of metamorphosis and abstraction..

JALOGUIN (17m). Dir – Enrique Unzueta (Mexico) Website INTERVIEW

On Halloween, a young Mexican mother struggles to take her son across the border to compete in a costume contest and reunite with his father.

YELLOW PAGES (2m). Dir – Günter Puller (Austria)

A Yellow Pages directory found decaying in the woods is brought back to life in an artistic context, as a symbol of our current culture.

THE GREAT ISTANBUL DEPRESSION (20m). Dir – Zeynep Dilan Suren (Turkey) Trailer

Didem and Ayşe are two young artists who find themselves unemployed and broke in Instanbul. To stay in the city and pursue their dreams, they must overcome the harsh realities they face.

Q.: GHOSTLY REMOTE EFFECT (20m). Dir – Marcus Hanisch (Germany) Trailer

In the future. A hi-tech-lab. Scientist P is testing quantum-gynoid Q and sets off on a mission to an undiscovered nature. On the journey she discovers a ghostly remote effect between herself and the robot. Will she maintain in control, when nature starts changing?