Into The Mirror


Director: Lois Stevenson Country of Origin: UK Runtime: 65m Genre: Drama, LGBT+ Screening: 01.03.19 Block E: Into The Mirror Time: 7.10-8.40PM

The award winning film Into The Mirror is an emotional drama following Daniel through what could be the most important week of his life. Watch an interview with NRFF

The Filmmaker

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Lois Stevenson became involved in the project after producers Jamie Bacon and Charles Streeter saw her visual art work in an exhibition. After reading the initial script, Lois instantly realised it’s potential for a visually wondrous film with a liberating story. As the ideas and the story became bigger, the creative process evolved too – they were able to create a more imaginative and in-depth reality/fantasy world for our lead character. Into The Mirror encapsulates an immersive journey that is enhanced by all the creative elements that the crew have brought together. It captures an emotional story about identity and acceptance.