Jacob’s Ladder


Director: Rupert Clague Country of Origin: UK Runtime: 8m Genre: Experimental Block: E Date: 28-02 Time: 6.15-7.45pm

The Machiguenga tribe of Peru prize a rare plant known as Toé for its ability to create intense, lucid dreams. Made entirely on location in the Amazon jungle under the guidance of Werner Herzog, Jacob’s Ladder invites you to cross over from the black and white waking world into this phantasmagorical realm.

Director biography

Rupert Clague is a filmmaker, adventurer, and storyteller. Born in Thunder Bay, Canada, and raised on the Isle of Man, his obsession with documentary film and making connections has taken him all over the world. Currently based in London, he was recently selected to join Werner Herzog in a remote part of the Peruvian Amazon for a filmmaking expedition. The result is this film, which he produced, directed, shot, and edited on location.