LGBTQ Shorts [A]

  • Lay

Films will stream online from 25th to 28th March 2021 only. Click the VIMEO ON DEMAND link above to access the block. Please ensure you have an up-to-date browser for streaming. See here for information about using Vimeo. Content may be unsuitable for children under 15 years of age.

LAY (5m). Dir – Mehdi Bahmad (Canada)

Too sinful for Heaven, too utopian for Earth, the up-and-coming Moroccan-Canadian artist found peace hanging in tension between both worlds. With a simple game of ‘‘téléphone arabe’’ (‘‘Chinese Whispers’’), Bahmad spreads the invitation to join him in this idyllic universe where nothing is forbidden, where the word Haram doesn’t exist.

EDEN (15). Dir – Tavo Ruiz (Mexico) Trailer

Eden is the queer re-tale of Adam and Eve’s story in modern times. A visually striking story about first love situated in Berlin.

PAULA + FRANCESCA (10m). Dir – Erika Randall (USA) Trailer

A queering of Dante’s classic Inferno story about the clandestine lovers and their unhappy landing in the Second Circle. P+F is both hate mail to Dante and a love letter from Franny to Paula.

MANILLA VON TEEZ (4m). Dir – Meghan Daniels (South Africa)

A character-driven documentary short about Cape Town-based drag performance artist, Manila Von Teez. In collaboration with Levi’s Pride.

IFTAH (42m). Dir – Moti Rachamim (Israel)

A gay man tears his family apart due to his sexual orientation.

BLOOM (15m). Dir – Tianyi Wang (USA)

A wife discovers that her husband is transgender.