Lost and Found in Amsterdam


Director: Rose Hanawi Country of Origin: Netherlands Runtime: 10m Genre: Documentary Block: E Date: 28-02 Time: 6.15-7.45pm Dutch Premiere + Q&A Watch Trailer

This short documentary film explores how the city of Amsterdam affected the lives, dreams and growth of the expatriates that came to live in it. It is a picture of the young people, who come from different countries to find their way and to find themselves in Amsterdam. Director Rose Hanawi will attend the screening.

Director Biography

Rose Hanawi was born in 1987 with no nationality. She is a foreigner everywhere, since she has also been a refugee, exiled, sheltered, and nationalized. She has a Spanish nationality, but her parents are of Arab origins, also refugees, just like their grandparents. The identity conflict is her work topic and her constant search. Rose has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, specialized in Audio-Visual Arts. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid in 2015 she began her journey around the world to investigate the identity question. In the city of Amsterdam she found inspiration and enough cultural and human material to make her first documentary film Who am I? It has been selected, screened and awarded at international film festivals around the world.