Director: Rudi Brekelmans Country of Origin: NL Runtime: 49m Genre: psychological thriller, drama Block: L Date: 29-02 Time: 6-7.20pm + Q&A Watch Trailer

The conscience of a married therapist is put under pressure by the thrilling confession of a seductive female client. Will he keep his distance or does he fall for her temptation? Director Rudi Brekelmans will attend the screening.

Director Biography

Rudi Brekelmans (1977) is a Dutch filmmaker whose directorial debut Medulla (2019) is a tense, claustrophobic psychological thriller in black and white, selected to premiere at the 2019 national Dutch Film Festival. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in screenwriting from the Dutch Film Academy in 2004 he writes a series of short films, defined by self-created adversity for the main character. Whether purely psychological, as in Fata Morgana (2011) by Frodo Kuipers or by antagonizing the wrong person, as in To Catch a Fly (2017) by Sanne Kortooms, the resulting conflict usually drives them over the edge of sanity. Rudi co-wrote Bullet Time (2017) by Frodo Kuipers, which became the 2018 Dutch entry for the Academy Awards in the ‘Animated Shorts’ category. Medulla (2019) is about a married psychiatrist (Michael Pas) who develops an unhealthy obsession for a seductive female client (Astrid van Eck).