Gui Qu Lai Xi – Feelings To Tell


Director: Wen Li Country of Origin: China Runtime: 1h 20m Feature Block: F 28.02 Time: 8-9.40 pm Premiere: Dutch Watch Trailer

After falling into a deep sleep, Jiang, a young painter, finds himself in Taogu village where he meets a mute girl, Jiu’er, and her foster father Old Bai. They believe firmly in the ancient Xiangchu gods, and as an observer and participant within the dream, the veneration they show to the gods deeply touches Jiang. The next day, Jiang witnesses the deep affection his grandfather displays for his deceased wife, and he feels sad that his own parents did not feel that same deep love. For the second time, Jiang, in his dream, enters Taogu Mountain and is re-acquainted with Old Bai and Jiu’er. In this mystical place time is in reverse. As Jiu’er has come of age, she will soon become a ‘mountain goddess’ and must be taken away…

Director Biography

Wen Li is a young female director born in China. She has studied painting since childhood. She graduated with a BFA from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and MFA from the School of Visual Arts, in China. In 2012, her thesis work ‘FERRY’ won third Prize at CAFA. In 2016, her short film ‘WATER GHOST’ won the Gold Prize at CAFA – the Agnès Varda’s Award, and the New Force Prize at the Toronto China-West Filmmakers Alliance. In October 2018, her debut feature film ‘FEELINGS TO TELL’ was premiered at the Raindance Film Festival in London, UK.