Screenplay Finalists

Congratulations to this year’s screenplay competition finalists. If filmmakers are interested in contacting any of the screenwriters here for potential collaboration, please get in touch. Email:


Jump (comedy) by Andrew Stussie

Rex McMillian, a loose cannon, wise-cracking cop, must fight to save his wife April from Adam, a mysterious ghost from his past.

The Magician (historic) by Edward Gadrix

A black 1930s college grad leaves the segregated south to change the image of his race after he decides to fulfill the wishes of his best friend who was brutally murdered by the Ku Klux Klan. The protagonist finds his journey takes him into the government’s top-secret decoding operations called “Magic,” a program that surfaces not only Washington’s fictional mysteries but factional truths about top brass’ pre-knowledge of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Yololti (Heart) (fantasy) by Carina Tautu

When the prophecy of the ‘Perfect Warrior ‘was fulfilled during a ceremony of human sacrifice, the ancient priesthood never imagined that it would be a girl.


Camouflage (drama, historic) by Chris Willis

A top-secret American unit uses inflatable tanks and phony artillery barrages to divert German resources away from actual Allied forces. Many in the unit are well suited to their mission of deception, having lived in the shadows of homosexuality all their lives. Inspired by real men.

Consent (drama) by Frank J. Avella

A horribly bullied sexually-conflicted small town teen boy fight backs, attempts suicide and finds true love all in one weekend.

Gray (drama, historic) by Daniel Talbott

Set in the 1860’s in the shore whaling boom-towns of California’s central coast, against a backdrop of some of the most stunning wild coastline in the world, the story unfolds through an impossible love triangle between two young whalers and a woman on her own in every way.

Voyeuse (pilot for a three-part psychological TV thriller) by Suzanna Cardash

When a teenage girl falls for a beautiful but narcissistic film director, she becomes the unwitting star of an intimate film that incriminates her… for murder.


112 (drama) by Rebecca Hickey

Elsie is an Emergency Medical Call Taker in Ireland, she is claustrophobic, always opting to take the stairs rather than the lift. Today the call centre is being inundated with emergency calls. Her biggest fear is playing out over the phone, but is made infinitely worse when Pete’s phone dies and Elsie is left with no answers on his outcome.

In Your Dreams (fantasy, adventure, children) by Stephane Arteta

Noah, 11, flees his gloomy life by taking refuge in the reading of Molière’s plays and his dreams. In his imaginary world, he involves two of his classmates who fascinate him. And tries to escape the “beast” pursuing his family.

Rhesus-Conflict (drama) by Maksym Nakonechnyi

Sashko, a young healthy gay man, receives a call from a woman whose child has cancer, after finding his number in a database of donors. She asks for his blood and he agrees to help. When the doctor finds out that Sashko is gay, she intervenes.

XQ28 (Sci-Fi) by Dan Horrigan

In a world where you don’t exist how do you become who you need to be? Xq28 is a story about forbidden love in a world where sexuality is strictly controlled. A tragedy in a sci-fi setting that brings into focus two men’s desire to love against the odds. Fidelity is betrayal and betrayal is love as the players strive for their truest lives.


Bi-Curiosity (drama, crime) by James Amuta

A young, successful, Nigerian woman, barely a week to her wedding must find answers to the burning question of why she has never found the kind of satisfaction she experienced with her numerous exes, and her groom-to-be. Her curiosity leads her down a criminal path; where being true to herself is a serious crime under the law.

Lambing (drama) by Katie McNeice

A young Irish couple eagerly await the birth of their son. But when the baby’s gender turns out ambiguous, how do they face everyone, or each other?

Mr Muller (drama) by Lea Volke

Upon the sudden death of his grown-up child, Mr. Muller is confronted with his son having lived his life as a woman.

Rainbow Republic (drama, romance) by Dave Cowzer

Eamonn returns home to The Island, determined to win back the love of his life. Rainbow Republic is a story of forbidden love in a world run by an ex-IRA mafia, with a cast of characters as colourful as the vast ocean that surrounds it.

The Pacific End (drama, romance, coming-of-age) by Jacob Moniz

A young man reflects on the beginnings of his first relationship, set beside a river in California.

Tolerant Kids Adoption Agency (comedy) by Jennifer Pirante

A lesbian couple are looking to adopt from the progressive Tolerant Kids Adoption Agency. What shows up at their door is more than what they expected.

Young Star by Amir Steklov

Egon Superb (79) is having his first experience in a gay sauna in Berlin on his last night of his life. He meets a young physics student, and he can openly talk to him about his unsolved conflict with his son.