The Maid


Director: Caspar Muller Country of Origin: NL Runtime: 12m Genre: Short, Psychological Thriller Block: B Date: 28-02 Time: 1.30-2.45pm + Q&A Premiere: World Watch Trailer

Inspired by true events. The Maid follows the story of a housemaid with a history of psychosis who finds purpose when she starts to work for an elderly writer of sexually explicit poetry. Their co-dependent relationship turns grim when he expresses a desire to kill her. Director Caspar Muller and actors Marjoke Plijnaer and Benjamin Gijzel will attend the screening.

Director Biography

Caspar Muller (1978, The Netherlands) has a solid background in acting and graduated with a master’s degree in Film Production (Directing) at Arts University Bournemouth (UK) in 2019. He is an independent filmmaker besides his work as a lecturer in media at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Caspar is drawn to psychological thriller with a surrealist touch. He creates sensual and sensory cinema, inspired by the likes of Darren Aronofsky, Denis Villeneuve and Claire Denis. His films are rooted in dream logic and reflect the conflicting demands of fear and desire for human connection. He received an honourable mention in the 2019 awards at New Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam for his short film ‘Eye for an Eye’. His short film ‘The Butcher’ was an official selection at Aesthetica Short Film Festival, 2017.