Director: Floortje Pols Country of Origin: NL Runtime: 12m Genre: Short Block: i 29.02 Time: 1.20-2.45pm + Q&A Watch Trailer

The characters in this short drama shield their emotions from one another and are constantly trying to avoid confrontation. Every action is to gain control over the other, and not to be seen to be vulnerable. As a consequence, the feeling of being trapped intensifies, and the choice between invulnerability and the search for rapprochement must be confronted. Director Floortje Pols will attend the screening.

Director Biography

Floortje Pols is a writer-droector based in the Netherlands. Just like a frog which slowly warms up in water , in this film, Floortje elaborates on a situation between people who are unable to take action. The film is about expectations and about pushing boundaries in the human desire to feel.